The comparable Frenemies in Naruto

Uchiha Madara V.S Hashirama Senju

Uchiha Madara V.S Hashirama Senju

The fight of the century could said be the fight among all the Kages, so you can guess how excellent the fighting is. Back to the farm, the joiner are the leader of Hashirama family and Uchiha family. At that time, Madara own the most perfect and best Kekkei genkai — Syaringan which could said be accounting for absolute superiority; however, since there have Syaringan, why should create another Justu, the Hashirama family’s mudun secret jutsu. Finally, Hashirama Senju defeated Uchiha Madara and then decided the king position of Hashirama family, and the recessionary of Uchiha family.

Kakashi V.S Guy

Kakashi V.S Guy

Kakashi and Guy is a joy enemy from childhood, however, their characteristic is entirely different. One is not officious, but the others always challenge Kakashi with clamor. Till now, the record is Guy win one more than Kakashi. Throughout the strength, they are the same.

naruto VS sasuke

Naruto V.S Sasuke

Naruto is the son of 4th Hokage, Sasuke is the descendant of Uchiha Madara. The 4th Hokage have fight with Uchiha Madara at the End valley, maybe this is the arrangement of fate, the finally fight between Naruto and Sasuke was also at this place. Since they join in the 7 class, they have never stop struggle between them, they practice together, studied together, their friendship is the mainline of this anime.

Pein V.S Uchiha Itachi

Pein V.S Uchiha Itachi

They are all the powerful ninja and they are also the topics of Naturo enthusiasts. Both them have a uncommon birth, Pein is the apprentice of Jiraiya who also taught the 4th Hokage, and in addition Pein own the Rinnegan by the Sage of the Six Paths; and Itachi comes from Uchiha family, he become the leader of ANBU when he was young, and own the Mangekyō Sharingan. Although they have not fight, but we believe, their fight must be very excellent.

Sakura V.S Ino

Sakura V.S Ino

They are female Frenemies in Naturo, I think you must hear of them. At the beginning, they are inseparable good friends; but then they become opponents and rival for strive the girlfriend position of Sasuke. Finally, at the examination of Chuunin, they bury their differences and reconciling.

Top 10 strong man who hidden strength in Naruto



I think everyone know the history of Sai, he comes from ANBU, as usual, the strength of ANBU amount to one Jonin. And during the exercise among Yamato captain, Naruto and Sai, Sai subdue Yamato alone, on the other hand, Sai is under the leadership of Shimura Danzou who have ability to snatch the 3rd Hokage, so Sai’s strength is cannot be taken lightly.


9th —- Karin

In our eyes, Karin is one intellectuality Ninja, his ability is to perceive chakra and the count of people within a certain range. The strength of her we know is too little. Orochimaru is one S Ninja who pursue all kinds of Ninjutsu and Eternal Life. He select Karin might not only for these strength.

Moon Water

8thMoon Water

Moon Water would melt his body into water, he is the Synthesis of water, in the early episodes, Moon Water seems just like a brute force Ninja. And later, he said he is the little brother of Hohzuki Mangetsu and the young master of Zabuza, just from these, his suiton is assignable, and few people dare to challenge Hoshigaki Kisame except him.



Jugo is Two-way personality, his ability is to control curse seal to change his body become a powerful weapon to attack others, and it also turn intoa shield to defend. His strength we do not know very well, but the orochimaru could not defeat him; his strength must very strong.



I think everyone could recognize her strength, her ability is the super brute force and medical Ninjutsu, besides, and she also has an Eternal Life.



Konan have some strange, her could said be a unbeatable detective, and she can also turn into the paper to investigate or attack others. Even so, I think her ability is not just these.


This strong man I need not to talk to much, he is really a intrepid guy. Till now, we just know he own the legendary Rinnegan, but what is the ability of the legendary? He did not show his best, I really want to see more about him.

Uchiha Madara

3rd—– Uchiha Madara

Yes, it is madara, his is very mysterious, not only his identity but also his ability. His could use his Ninjutsu to across his body and did not use any spiritism could go through the space, just this ability is not the common Ninja could do.


2nd Zetsu

Talk about mysterious; Zetsu might be more than uchiha madara. To Zetsu, we just know he own dual personality, besides this, his ability is different from others, I do now know if you have notice, when Zetsu are tracking others, he always make his body appear in the trunk or ground, which is different from others. We could think that his Ninjutsu merged with the narure. He came from Grass ninja village, and the Ninjutsu we know about Grass Ninja is too little.

Naruto Uzumaki

1st Naruto Uzumaki

The first one is our protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, why could I say this? To Naruto, we must very familiar, besides Shadow Clone Technique, Rasengan, Great Ball, he also have the powerful Spiraling Shuriken. The 4 generations leave to Naruto are not only the Rasengan, but also more powerful strength. And what the strength that Uchiha Itachi leave to him, Naruto doesn’t know, we could not know either. So I think Naruto is first one who hidden his strength deepest.