The Mission Levels of Naruto

Naruto ranksNaruto missions

In Naruto, there are many different rankings for missions. The higher the rank you are, the more dangerous and higher level the mission is. Below is a list of the different levels.

Rank S

These missions may not always be the most dangerous but only ANBU members or the Kage participate in them. It is very unlikely another of a lower rank would become part of these missions.

Rank A

This type of mission is the most dangerous. Ninjas ranked Jounin or higher are usually assigned to these missions. Usually, if things are very bad you will see a Kage participating. Generally you will not find a ninja of lower rank than Jounin in these types of missions unless it is absolutely necessary. Rank A missions are extremely dangerous and usually there is a death or severe injury as a result of it.

Rank B

Missions B ranked are not as tough as A ranked missions. The difficulty is still pretty high. Most B ranked missions involve retrieving important documents or protecting someone and taking them to a certain location. Mostly Jounin or Chuunin ranked ninjas perform these missions.

Rank C

These types of missions are generally performed by Chuunins. At times you will even see skilled Genins performing missions C ranked. Most C ranked missions involve protecting an elderly or sending/retrieving a document.

Rank D

D ranked missions are the lowest ranked. These missions are almost all performed by Genins. These missions usually are tedious work or basically useless work. Some missions include: saving an animal, taking out the garbage, walking an animal, or other pointless and boring work. Genins who want to be Chuunins must complete 8 of this type missions.

The popular characters hang the tailstock in Naruto

In Naruto, there derive a new word “hang the tailstock”, it means come bottom. In Naruto, the most popular character who hangs the tailstock is Uzumaki Naruto. Actually, there have some other role also own this attribute. It seems very interesting, let’s discuss it. And in other way, these people grow in to very powerful people; it seems “hang the tailstock” could be changed.

Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto

Uzumaki Naruto as the first one who was hangs the tailstock, and also the most popular one, he would become Hokage seems necessary. In Naruto’s childhood, he always the last, however, as the hero of this anime, he must not so weak all the time, this could said be the law in all kinds of anime opus. So as the story going, the ability of Naruto displayed little by little, his potential is huge, so finally, he should become a powerful Hokage.



At the beginning, I also don’t believe Jiraiya had also hang the tailstock, but Facts speak louder than words, he was really the one who always be in last. ~ Eh.. no matter how powerful he current is can’t change his last place truth! However, there is only Jiraya could schooled over the genius ninja 4th Hokage.

Uchiha Obito

Uchiha Obito

Obito is the most powerful gens in Konohagakure, I have found a law, and there have one genius people around the people who hang the tailstock. However, Obito maybe the worst among all, there have two genius round him, one is kakashi who become Chunin in 12 years old, and the other is Uchiha Itachi when he was born and think of the genius. Fortunately, Obito has a very good mentality, he never blames everything but himself for his suffer, he always positive and happy, in this aspect, Obito likes Naruto very much.

Rock Lee

Rock Lee

Rock Lee is one down-to-earth and self-deprecating role, different from Sasuke and Neji who have special ability with born, and different from Naruto who have special encounters, but he has fortitudinous willpower, he believe, only if he has enough strive, he could also become a excellent ninja. In fact, he really do, rely on his fortitudinous willpower, he tend to develop from Taijutsu, and finally trained the Renka. He could has these achievements, besides his trail, his teacher Gai must deserve much, actually, a people who appreciate you is also very important.



How Shikamaru should is the last? But facts speak louder than words, he really is. Depends on his talent, Shikamaru would become the top of his grade is not a problem, but he doesn’t want to do! Shikamaru always sleep on the class, so his performance should not be so good. Because of his lazy, Shikamaru tied for the last place with Naruto. Thanks to his wise mind, Shikamaru is the first one becomes the Jonin of his grade.

The Deep Analysis of Naturo

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

Gender: Male

Age: 12 – 13 years old(at the beginning)

Height: 4’9″

Ninja Rank: Genin

Special Characteristics: He is a Jinchuuriki.

Memorable Quotes: “Believe it!’

One or Two Word Description: Annoying Brat

Personality and BiographyNaruto Uzumaki is an energetically stubborn kid known as a notorious trouble-maker in his hometown of Konohagakure. He likes to skip classes at the ninja academy, and often plays pranks on everyone. His most notable prank was when he vandalized the rock faces of the Legendary Hokages with paint. For the most part, Naruto is a victim of cruel fate. Both of his parents have died before he even knew them, and to make things worse, the feared nine tailed fox that once threatened their village was sealed inside of him by the fourth Hokage when he was just a baby. This stigma in mind, people from his town avoided him like a person with incurable disease. He grew up alone with no friends, and no parents. The root of his trouble-making efforts is a struggle to gain any kind of attention. It is his way of reaching out. However, he has a desirable trait whereas he doesn’t cry in a corner feeling sorry for himself, but instead he does something about it regardless of what other people say and think. This mindset is his trademark personality in the anime series as he strives for his dream to be the next Hokage being known as the hyperactive knucklehead who never gives up. The turning point in his life is during the Genin exams as he groups up with Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha to form team 7, taught and supervised by a Jounin ninja named Kakashi. Naruto has a crush on Sakura even though she finds him annoying, and Sasuke, whom he claims he hates, is Sakura’s crush. As they went on missions, Naruto displays a loud, reckless, and emotionally driven personality. He usually does the the most illogical tactics ever such as going for a stronger enemy head on, unlike Sasuke, his acclaimed rival, who would assess the situation with a more logical approach and prefer maintaining stealth until the opponent drops his/her guard. Even though this characteristic of Naruto is most often considered as stupidly inferior behavior especially during missions, it often serves him well during crucial moments of the story where he manages to overcome his enemies with raw determination and will-power.