The Deep Analysis of Naturo

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

Gender: Male

Age: 12 – 13 years old(at the beginning)

Height: 4’9″

Ninja Rank: Genin

Special Characteristics: He is a Jinchuuriki.

Memorable Quotes: “Believe it!’

One or Two Word Description: Annoying Brat

Personality and BiographyNaruto Uzumaki is an energetically stubborn kid known as a notorious trouble-maker in his hometown of Konohagakure. He likes to skip classes at the ninja academy, and often plays pranks on everyone. His most notable prank was when he vandalized the rock faces of the Legendary Hokages with paint. For the most part, Naruto is a victim of cruel fate. Both of his parents have died before he even knew them, and to make things worse, the feared nine tailed fox that once threatened their village was sealed inside of him by the fourth Hokage when he was just a baby. This stigma in mind, people from his town avoided him like a person with incurable disease. He grew up alone with no friends, and no parents. The root of his trouble-making efforts is a struggle to gain any kind of attention. It is his way of reaching out. However, he has a desirable trait whereas he doesn’t cry in a corner feeling sorry for himself, but instead he does something about it regardless of what other people say and think. This mindset is his trademark personality in the anime series as he strives for his dream to be the next Hokage being known as the hyperactive knucklehead who never gives up. The turning point in his life is during the Genin exams as he groups up with Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha to form team 7, taught and supervised by a Jounin ninja named Kakashi. Naruto has a crush on Sakura even though she finds him annoying, and Sasuke, whom he claims he hates, is Sakura’s crush. As they went on missions, Naruto displays a loud, reckless, and emotionally driven personality. He usually does the the most illogical tactics ever such as going for a stronger enemy head on, unlike Sasuke, his acclaimed rival, who would assess the situation with a more logical approach and prefer maintaining stealth until the opponent drops his/her guard. Even though this characteristic of Naruto is most often considered as stupidly inferior behavior especially during missions, it often serves him well during crucial moments of the story where he manages to overcome his enemies with raw determination and will-power.


The costumes of Gaara

Gaara costumes

Gaara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. Kishimoto designed Gaara as a foil to the series’ titular character, Naruto Uzumaki, as the two were born through similar circumstances, but develop vastly different personalities as they deal with their troubled upbringing.


1 style: black tights + reticulated cotta (This Gaara costume presented in the early first season)

The greatest feature of Gaara is the big calabash (which also make him seems smaller). At the first season of Naruto, the costume of Gaara is not very excellent in my view, the weight seems too heavy to Gaara, and the costumes seems also not easy to take action. So, we could find he is not good at Taijutsu.

There is a white silk on Gaara’s shoulder, it seems like a wraps, Sunagakure is in desert region, and have many dust, so the silk has another effect, it could keep out of the sand wind.

2 style: brown long sleeve robe (the upper costumes of 1 season of Naruto)

This brown robe is more popular among most Gaara fans. The robe design make Gaara seems more mature. After fight with Naruto, Gaara have known his way. At this time, there have more confidence and love in his heart. And as the skin if Gaara is very white, the brown color is too old-fashioned in his. In short, this Gaara costume is one nice opus in Naruto.

3 style: Robe + ballistic vest (the main style in Heros Come Back)

In Heros Come Back, Gaara appeared as the fifth Kazekage, at this time, his style also changed in some parts. There have add one ballistic vest, the volume of calabash have also become larger. Form these changes, we could find, the strength of Gaara have increased. The design of this Gaara costume has referred to the design of Chinese Men’s cheongsam, the overall mix can show rigorous, orthodox, and modest side. In this costume, the cartoonist dropped out the white silk, the color of the costume is darker. This also signaled the growth of Gaara.

The costumes of Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

In general, the clothes Naruto Uzumaki wears are usually orange no matter in the fist season or the second season which he grown up. Orange represent exciting, happy, lively, light, it delegate one wish, one positive attitude. This color suit Naruto Uzumaki very much. Naruto Uzumaki usually sends out his enthusiasm and upbeat attitude, he is the hope of Konohagakure. The costume of Naruto usually the sports suits, this style is very simple and vivid.

Naruto costume 1 style

1 style: Orange white three-quarter sleeves suit (appear in the 1st season)

As the protagonist, the vivid and positive orange color very suit Naruto. Although this style is not so beautiful, it can brighten everyone’s eyes. This Naruto costume is one typical sports suit; the main color is orange and matched with some deep blue. The biggest feature is its collar; I think the most beautiful of this Naruto costume is its high turn-down collar. The turn-down collar could express cute feelings, which very suit Naruto who was immature and childish. Especially the collar adopts white color, very simple and lively, the accessory of the shoulder becomes the highlight of this costume. It is more stylish if matched with his cool Shelter glasses.

Naruto costume 2 style

Teenager Naruto costume

2nd style: Teenager Naruto costume  (present to 2nd season, the present style )

In this style, the sleeves are not roll up, this design make Naruto seems more slender. Compare with the younger Naruto costume, this costume is simpler and maturer. The color of the teenager Naruto costume also becomes steadier. Of course, these changes are necessary, Naruto grows up, his character is also become mature gradually, and standing collar is also one nice design of the teenager Naruto costume. In general, the costume is one very practical.

Naruto costume 3 style

Naruto Uzumaki Fairy Style Coat

3rd style: Teenager Naruto costume + cloak (Fairy mode)

The heroic red cloak and large scroll, this Naruto style brings us the domineering feeling.

Top 10 strong man who hidden strength in Naruto



I think everyone know the history of Sai, he comes from ANBU, as usual, the strength of ANBU amount to one Jonin. And during the exercise among Yamato captain, Naruto and Sai, Sai subdue Yamato alone, on the other hand, Sai is under the leadership of Shimura Danzou who have ability to snatch the 3rd Hokage, so Sai’s strength is cannot be taken lightly.


9th —- Karin

In our eyes, Karin is one intellectuality Ninja, his ability is to perceive chakra and the count of people within a certain range. The strength of her we know is too little. Orochimaru is one S Ninja who pursue all kinds of Ninjutsu and Eternal Life. He select Karin might not only for these strength.

Moon Water

8thMoon Water

Moon Water would melt his body into water, he is the Synthesis of water, in the early episodes, Moon Water seems just like a brute force Ninja. And later, he said he is the little brother of Hohzuki Mangetsu and the young master of Zabuza, just from these, his suiton is assignable, and few people dare to challenge Hoshigaki Kisame except him.



Jugo is Two-way personality, his ability is to control curse seal to change his body become a powerful weapon to attack others, and it also turn intoa shield to defend. His strength we do not know very well, but the orochimaru could not defeat him; his strength must very strong.



I think everyone could recognize her strength, her ability is the super brute force and medical Ninjutsu, besides, and she also has an Eternal Life.



Konan have some strange, her could said be a unbeatable detective, and she can also turn into the paper to investigate or attack others. Even so, I think her ability is not just these.


This strong man I need not to talk to much, he is really a intrepid guy. Till now, we just know he own the legendary Rinnegan, but what is the ability of the legendary? He did not show his best, I really want to see more about him.

Uchiha Madara

3rd—– Uchiha Madara

Yes, it is madara, his is very mysterious, not only his identity but also his ability. His could use his Ninjutsu to across his body and did not use any spiritism could go through the space, just this ability is not the common Ninja could do.


2nd Zetsu

Talk about mysterious; Zetsu might be more than uchiha madara. To Zetsu, we just know he own dual personality, besides this, his ability is different from others, I do now know if you have notice, when Zetsu are tracking others, he always make his body appear in the trunk or ground, which is different from others. We could think that his Ninjutsu merged with the narure. He came from Grass ninja village, and the Ninjutsu we know about Grass Ninja is too little.

Naruto Uzumaki

1st Naruto Uzumaki

The first one is our protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, why could I say this? To Naruto, we must very familiar, besides Shadow Clone Technique, Rasengan, Great Ball, he also have the powerful Spiraling Shuriken. The 4 generations leave to Naruto are not only the Rasengan, but also more powerful strength. And what the strength that Uchiha Itachi leave to him, Naruto doesn’t know, we could not know either. So I think Naruto is first one who hidden his strength deepest.