The costumes of Sasuke Uchiha

It could say that Sasuke is the one who change his costume most frequently. To most fans, this result is necessary. The Sasuke Uchiha is both the idol type and true power type, his costumes should be the most.

Sasuke Uchiha 1 style costume

1 style: Blue white Short sleeve suit (the main style of first season)

Both blue and white is cold color, they match Sasuke’s character perfectly. The standing collar design is very cool and fashion. This Sasuke costumes make him very youthful and dynamic. In this design, Sasuke costume have matched with white oversleeve, although it may not so useful in Sasuke’s daily life, from all styles of Sasuke, he always make some accessories on his arm, so this doing could said be one feature of Sasuke.

Sasuke black tights

2 style: black tights

This style present before Sasuke left Konohagakure and after he learn Raikiri. Different from the mentioned modeling, this style Sasuke is maturer. The zipper is on the side of the costume. From this period, the color of Sasuke costumes break away from blue and began to use the black, white and purple color. We could find that Sasuke’s heart has gone though some complicated and profound changes.


3 style: white kimono shippuden  (the main style in Heros Come Back )

The appearance of Sasuke in Heros come back bring a big surprise to me. His style changed so much, his costume did not have standing collar, besides, Sasuke new costume add some characteristic of Orochimaru. The only thing did not changed is his Mon on his back. The sign of Uchiha is Sasuke’s pride, but it is also the source of his tragic life. This Sasuke costume is one standard Orochimaru style costume, the Bluish coat bare bosom, and matched with a hemp rope belt. This style Sasuke give people one bleak and lonely feeling.

Sasuke black vest kimono

4 style: black vest kimono

This style appeared in Sasuke VS Itachi

After fight with Itachi, there have many more bandage on Sasuke body, this design is also very simple.


5 style: white standing collar zipper Kimono (the current style)

When the second state is missing, Sasuke’s style changed to the docile modeling. The standing collar design matched with the hair style of Sasuke, the zipper design also reduce the wild and cool feeling of Sasuke. In short, this style Sasuke costume is one regular costume.


The costumes of Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

In general, the clothes Naruto Uzumaki wears are usually orange no matter in the fist season or the second season which he grown up. Orange represent exciting, happy, lively, light, it delegate one wish, one positive attitude. This color suit Naruto Uzumaki very much. Naruto Uzumaki usually sends out his enthusiasm and upbeat attitude, he is the hope of Konohagakure. The costume of Naruto usually the sports suits, this style is very simple and vivid.

Naruto costume 1 style

1 style: Orange white three-quarter sleeves suit (appear in the 1st season)

As the protagonist, the vivid and positive orange color very suit Naruto. Although this style is not so beautiful, it can brighten everyone’s eyes. This Naruto costume is one typical sports suit; the main color is orange and matched with some deep blue. The biggest feature is its collar; I think the most beautiful of this Naruto costume is its high turn-down collar. The turn-down collar could express cute feelings, which very suit Naruto who was immature and childish. Especially the collar adopts white color, very simple and lively, the accessory of the shoulder becomes the highlight of this costume. It is more stylish if matched with his cool Shelter glasses.

Naruto costume 2 style

Teenager Naruto costume

2nd style: Teenager Naruto costume  (present to 2nd season, the present style )

In this style, the sleeves are not roll up, this design make Naruto seems more slender. Compare with the younger Naruto costume, this costume is simpler and maturer. The color of the teenager Naruto costume also becomes steadier. Of course, these changes are necessary, Naruto grows up, his character is also become mature gradually, and standing collar is also one nice design of the teenager Naruto costume. In general, the costume is one very practical.

Naruto costume 3 style

Naruto Uzumaki Fairy Style Coat

3rd style: Teenager Naruto costume + cloak (Fairy mode)

The heroic red cloak and large scroll, this Naruto style brings us the domineering feeling.